How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Yeah! It’s a holiday again, a time with so much love in the air. A time for lots of memorable events and trips, a time to reunite with distant friends and relatives.

Most importantly, the holiday season is also usually a time to prepare and eat large and elaborate desserts and meals.

Of course, the holiday season is also a time characterized by lots of busy schedules that may leave you spending half of your savings on gifts and other merry that comes with the season.

With all of these to do during the holidays, it won’t be breaking news that the holiday is also a time where you may be worked out, overwhelmed, stressed, and even be prone to making unhealthy choices.

All the fun and enjoyable moments that make the holiday season a time you always look forward to seeing can also get in the way of your health.

So, one thing you must understand is that the holiday doesn’t have to be a break from healthy habits. Even if it may seem to be a very good time for your taste buds, you should constantly remind yourself that the seasons may not be good enough for your waistline.

Obviously, your next question will be “how then do I stay healthy during the holidays?” Yes, with a bit of planning and determination, you can avoid the common pitfalls that come with the holiday, which may be a hindrance to your overall wellbeing.

Without much ado, here are some helpful tips to help you stay healthy during the holidays

Feasible tips for staying healthy during the holidays

Eat mindfully

At the point of eating, be relaxed, seated, and give yourself the freedom to gain satisfaction from the holiday flavors you prefer. While eating, let your mind be on the texture, taste, and aroma the food produces.

Alissa Rumsey a nutrition therapist, a dietitian, and owner of Alissa Rumsey Nutrition and Wellness, New York, says, the moment your attention is drifting from your body, you should again direct it to the satisfaction and fullness cues within.

In a Havard Health Blog article, Patrick Skerrett recommends that as it takes a few minutes before the “I’m full signal” produced by your stomach gets to the brain, it is wise that after your first round of meals you pause 10minutes.

The author gives reason for this to be that, after this break period, you may come to understand that you’re full already or desire only but a little portion of the seconds.

Aside from that, you shouldn’t have an empty stomach when you are going to a party as it will be an encouragement for you to overeat at the party. About desserts, you will truly enjoy eating just one or two dishes you love rather than having a feel of every kind of choice presented on the table.

Make out time for exercise

Factoring physical activity into your daily routine is not a difficult task to take up during a holiday season. If the weather feels a bit cold out there, or you have to plan and decorate for a party, you

need to squeeze in exercise into your already chocked schedule.

Whatever the case may be, it is essential to exercise daily if you must keep good health. You should give priority to physical activity, and ensure you set a time to be active as this can enhance your happiness level and even enhance weight loss.

Boost your immune system

You must support your immune system and the best support to is eat vegetables and colorful fruits. This serves you a guarantee of having some immune-boosting nutrients which are top on the list, vitamin A and vitamin C inclusive.

In addition, she says daily consumption of a handful of seeds and nuts is an amazing method of battling illness as well, since continued within them are immune-boosting minerals such as selenium and zinc.

Finally, always remember to keep yourself hydrated and rest appropriately – failure to sleep can make the immune system vulnerable. (Rumsey writes)

Get extra sleep/rest

During holiday vacations, having much sleep is one of the reasons for the holiday. It’s just like your life has been rewound to your childhood, in your room putting on your comfortable AF pajamas, and having no need to be awake by 6:30 AM for work. This feels good, right?

Fortunately, with regards to your health goals, getting some extra sleep helps you stay healthy. Sufficient quality sleep is helpful considering a lot of reasons such as losing weight, increasing energy, and spicing up your mood. In addition, sleep assist in your decisions when it comes to food.

The absence of sleep can make your cravings worse particularly, sugar cravings. Hence, if you’re not experiencing a good sleep of about 7-9 hours, having a pumpkin pie or gingerbread maybe your decision as it will very much appetizing to you.

In summary, holidays are moments for family and laughter, however, use that time to rest and rejuvenate your body too.

Make time for self-care

You shouldn’t allow the holiday rash folly to make you lose your emotional and mental health. Even if you’re choked with holiday shopping, cooking, or socializing, do not forget your needs.

Take a break to calm down and rewind. You could meditate, read a good book, take a walk or view your favorite movies. At least do something daily that will give you real happiness.

Importantly, self-care also cuts across sleeping sufficiently. Lack of sleep can affect your hormone level in such a way that leads to weight gain and cravings for food with less nutritional value.

Make effort in getting the already suggested seven to nine hours of good sleep on a majority of the nights during your holiday.

Focus on fun, not just food and drinks

Instead of following the common tradition of baking cookies or gingerbread house decorating, strike that out and go for something else.

Institute a holiday tradition that is non-food based such as volunteering or constructing homemade ornaments. Better still, it can even be a time when you chose to play with the children on the lawn because doing this can bring back good old memories of childhood.

Stay hydrated

Your body’s total weight has 60% of it as water and for you to keep this ratio, there is a need for your body to be hydrated daily.

Furthermore, various functioning in your body requires water, which includes keeping up the fluids in your cell and to deliver nutrients.  As much as you can, frequently drink water or something infused with H2O all through the day.

Put a restriction on the high-calorie drinks you consume, such as margaritas, eggnog, and martinis. If alcoholic beverages are what you take during holidays, then make effort in having glasses of water instead of your cocktails.

Once you can imbibe the habit of regular intake of water, you will receive a warm appreciation from your body because water will stave off weakness and headache, says many nutrition experts.

Choose healthy substitutes

Just with a little twist, you can satisfy your desires by having your preferred holidays foods and not gaining significant pounds as well. For example, you can make Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream among your favorite recipe during holidays.

Similarly, you can exchange dips with heavy calories such as spinach and artichoke dip and blue cheese dip with bean-based dips and homemade hummus which are way healthier. Also, you can choose to opt for broth-based soups over cream-based soups which are heavy.

In case you need some cheese, you can go for lighter cheese options such as soft goat cheese, feta cheese, and cottage cheese rather than having reduced-fat cheddar cheese, calorie-dense blue cheese, and cream cheese.

Get a flu shot

The holiday season is usually characterized by an increase in flu. This is so because, at this time of the year, people take a lot of trips and have most of their time spent in the company of other people.

Therefore, taking flu vaccination is the most efficient method of preventing the outbreak of flu or contracting flu from friends, relatives neighbors who have traveled from different places to celebrate the holidays with you.

Conclusion –  How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

With the above-mentioned tips on staying healthy during holidays, I am very convinced that you will have the best holiday ever if practiced.

Now you can comfortably go through a holiday season, enjoying the moments without having unnecessary weight gain and other issues to deal with after the holiday is over.

If you effectively practice all the tips mentioned above, you are sure to stay healthy during your holiday and yet enjoy it to the fullest.

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