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Over the years, weight loss has been a major subject of discussion. This, no doubt, keeps a lot of people including you asking “what food do I eat and still weigh less?”. Others on the hand are worried about why their daily food seems to work against their weight loss goals.

Consequent to this and other burning issues about weight loss and food, a question that may be running through your mind now maybe “what food can I eat on a daily basis and still be weightless? Well, the sad truth is that there is no magic bullet as to what food you need to eat in order to achieve your desired weight loss goals, only a healthy eating habit can’ says Jenna Del Borrello, MS, RDN, CDN, at The Dietitian Group in Brooklyn

Interestingly, the idea behind losing weight is all about burning more calories than you consume. You see, you don’t need to stop eating to achieve your weight loss goals. Sure, you want to continue eating your favorite foods and still weigh less. If so, all you need is some healthy foods to achieve your weight loss goals.

If weighing less and still eating regularly is your goal, here are some common food that you can eat frequently and still keep fit.

What are the common foods to eat frequently and still weigh less?

If cutting down your weight despite regular eating is your goal, here are some common foods that you need to include in your daily meal. Guess what? All these foods have been scientifically proven to be effective for weight loss.

1.   Avocados

Avocados, are a unique fruit loaded with healthy fats particularly high in monounsaturated oleic acid. Interestingly, it has the same type of fats found in olive oil.

Despite their fatty content, avocados contain major nutrients like potassium and have high fiber content and a lot of water. This is the reason why you feel well satiated after eating them. If you love vegetable-based salads, they are a perfect addition to consider.

You might be wondering how eating avocados (which are loaded with fats?) regularly be advantageous to our weight loss. Surprisingly Yes!   Scientific studies have shown that their fat content helps to increase the absorption rate (to about 4.6 to 12.6 times) of carotenoid antioxidants and some important fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E, and K) your body absorbs from vegetables.

However, you should be mindful of the portions of avocados you eat on a daily basis because avocados are high in calories. This is key when weight loss is your goal. Knowing just the right amount you need is dependent on your body’s fullness and internal hunger cues.

2.   Legumes

Legumes include black beans, lentils, kidney beans, soybeans, peas and some other beans. These foods are a great source of proteins. You should consider including these foods into your diet as they are versatile, filling and inexpensive.

According to a systematic literature study, it was established that a diet with beans and other legumes is with a greater success weight loss rate than a conventional diet without beans and other legumes. A research study also stated that asides from the high fiber and protein content of beans, it has a high resistant starch content that can be very advantageous to your weight loss.

Although, you might feel discouraged about eating beans because beans can cause gas hence, farting. You can mitigate this effect by soaking your dry beans several hours before cooking.

3.   Eggs

“What? Eggs, that can’t be”! I believe that is what you are thinking at the moment. Guess what, regardless of the misconceived fear about the consumption of eggs because of its high cholesterol content, your body needs it regularly from your diet to maintain its liver baseline levels (LDL).

Slow down a bit! I don’t mean to say you should go about eating whole eggs every day. All I’m trying to say is that the amount of whole eggs you decide to consume regularly is dependent on your liver baseline levels, that is, your body cholesterol rate.

So why then do I encourage you to include eggs to your meal for weight loss? Eggs are known to be have high protein and fat content, thereby making you feel full after consumption. This is a positive response to your body’s hunger cues and internal hunger. In other words, you feel like eating when you’re hungry and quitting when you’re full. This can help you achieve your weight-loss objectives.

4.   Whole grains

You should do well to keep in mind that the whole grains in this context may include oats, cereal grains, quinoa, brown and white rice, and sometimes refined grains (white bread).  Whole grains are rich in fiber and protein.

A recent research emphasized that including whole grains richly into your diet can help you achieve your weight loss goals. These foods help to develop a healthy body metabolism. This can be a positive benefit to weighing less after continuous eating.

5.   Leafy vegetables

These include leafy greens foods such as Swiss chard, spinach, kale and collard greens. These vegetables have been researched to have a better management of appetite and a high satisfaction tendency.

Interestingly, an addition of leafy greens to your meal will help you get satisfied easily and your cravings for other less nutritious foods will be minimized. This can result in you achieving your weight loss goals on a large health scale.

6.   Cruciferous vegetables

These types of vegetables are those veggies that are high in fiber and contains reasonably high (but not as high as that in legumes) in protein. These foods to be filling when included in your diet.

Cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprout and cauliflower) are incredibly nutritious. You should consider adding these veggies to your diet because they are a low calorie content food which is perfect for weight loss.

7.   Lean fishes

Eating lean fishes such as tuna and salmon possess a great potential to lower calorie content; weight loss. If you are eating lean fish, you would notice it keeps you full.

Tuna and Salmon are highly satiating proteins that contains healthy fish fats that can not only be helpful to your weight loss goal but can help support the performance of your brain and eyes.

8.   Root vegetables

Do you know that potatoes; a root vegetable, is a wonderful choice of food to have on your diet for optimal health and weight loss? Interestingly Yes! Potatoes like white potatoes or sweet potatoes contains diverse range of nutrients, particularly high in Potassium.

Studies have shown that potassium is an important nutrient in weight loss and management of blood pressure.

Eating boiled sweet potatoes makes you feel naturally full as your body feels provided with the essential nutrients it needs. You know what, with this food on your diet, you are on your way to ace your weight loss goals.

9.   Vegetable-based Soups

For what it’s worth, eating vegetable-based soup regularly before your meal can be so helpful in achieving a lesser weight even though you eat regularly.

Vegetable based soups makes you feel more satisfied as it nourishes your body. This results in positive response to your body’s fullness cues and hunger cues which are essential to achieving a healthy weight.


10.   Grape fruits 

Do you know that eating at least half a grapefruit before your meals can be a jackpot to acing your weight loss goals? Grapefruits contains diverse nutrients and is high in fiber.

Eating grapefruits especially at about some hours before your meal can help you feel more satisfied and hence you consume lesser calories afterwards.

A scientific study by some group of researchers in San Diego established that eating grapefruits before meals can led to a significant weight loss. 


Eating foods regularly and still weigh less is achievable. I believe you want to continuously enjoy your nutritious and delicious foods alongside achieving your weight loss goals and maintaining a healthier weight.

These common foods mainly lean fishes, fruits like avocados and grapes, vegetables and legumes are just the perfect choice to include in your diet to keeping fit.

However, the bottom line is that along with regular exercise and incorporating moderation into your diet, you eating these nutritious foods can pave the way for you to achieve weight loss and living a healthy life.

Do you want to achieve weight loss without starving yourself? These foods are your best options.

By Elijah Hughes

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